Life at Pichi

Find work/life balance

Our countryside retreat offers not only breathtaking landscapes and fresh air, but also reliable internet connection for your remote work requirements. Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature, taking a stroll around the lush greenery during breaks and completing your work with ease. You can have it all, without sacrificing comfort or work productivity! Our accommodation options provide the perfect balance of relaxation and convenience, giving you the chance to recharge your batteries and enjoy the best of both worlds. Come and experience the tranquility of countryside living with all the benefits of advanced technology.

Enjoy the terrace on a sunny day

Perks you get when you visit

• Our barbicue space • bikes, kayaks, sups & bikes • vegetable plot • our small library • dreamy lagoon just steps away • fresh air, silence and millions of stars (on clear nights).

Get a sup and go into the water! …Kim might join

What coliving means...

Coliving is ideal for anyone new to an area, providing an immediate community to rely on. You'll love the friendly atmosphere that coliving provides, making it so easy to build meaningful connections that could last a lifetime. So, why not give it a try?

Meet new people, make new friends. 

What's included

• A tiny house fully equiped with two main spaces and a private bathroom. • Fast and stable internet connection to get everything done. • Service bills included. • Free-to-use sports gear to go outside and have fun. • All the wood you need to keep warm with your wooden stove. • Your hosts Juan and Pame living a few steps away.

Spend time alone, with other people or pets!

Spend time in the green house

Get in the land plot!

Explore our forest

Kayak in Troy lagoon

Try delicious local food

Explore the area of Calbuco

There is lots to do in Calbuco area. Explore the culture of the Inland Sea walking around, sailing and visiting interesting places.

Walk about in Calbuco

Sailing in traditional boats

Visit Dalia Morena’s garden

Join us building something, sharing a glass of wine or a beer while waiting for the barbeque  …Or, enjoy solitude and the lagoon views from your tiny house.

Come enjoy a simple life.